This morning I was on a walk with my dog, as I do on many days, and as we were nearing the end of our walk I saw an elderly couple walking toward us. They were crossing the street and then stepped up on the sidewalk and turned to head down the corner. Just then I saw the elderly woman fall.

I tied my dog to the neighbor’s fence and rushed to help her and her husband out. It was not a good scene; she hadn’t been able to get her hands in front of her and hit her face on a bed of rocks. As she rolled over it was evident that she had broken her nose and had a swollen, black eye.

After a short time she was able to stand with the assistance of her husband and me and make the short walk back to her home. I tried to get her to stay there while I went and got my car, but she was insistent on walking home.

While this woman happened to be with her husband, this type of situation happens very often when an active senior is out for a walk or some other activity.  All it takes is one misstep and a person could be in a situation where they have an emergency on their hands.  What would have happened if she was alone?  How would a neighbor like me contact her loved ones?

Even if her husband was with her, he could have activated her Vivo Alert ID and notified other loved ones that they need help.

While we never want to think about ourselves or our loved ones being in an accident or an emergency situation, it’s good too be prepared if that situation arises.  Vivo Alert provides a quick an easy way to notify emergency contacts and share information with the people that are caring for the person.