stickeronhalfphoneIf you’re like many folks, you enter contacts into your phone and put the abbreviation of ICE to indicate that the contact is In Case of Emergency. Then by habit you do something that nearly defeats the purpose of that last exercise; you then lock your phone so people can’t actually can retrieve the ICE information if you are in an emergency. Don’t worry, we laughed at ourselves when we realized that we did the same thing.

The obvious question after realizing that people do this is to ask, “how can we provide ICE information to people if I’m in an emergency while not giving everyone access to my contacts and phone data?”  Vivo Alert is the answer to that question.

When registering for Vivo Alert you provide as many emergency contacts as you’d like. We recommend providing 3 or more contacts and the more you add the better as it will give you a better chance of a contact being available if you need help.

After providing your contacts and volunteered information Vivo Alert will send you a set of stickers to place on things, like the back of your phone. This way all someone has to do is text your Vivo Alert ID to the Vivo Alert phone number and all of your ICE contacts are notified instantly.

It’s quick and easy to get started with Vivo Alert. Just go to and register.