Vivo can be used as a way to raise funds for your organization.  Many organizations will result to selling candy, magazines, or gifts out of catalogs to raise money.  These must work, as every organizations seems to do it, but Vivo can offer a much better fundraising opportunity by reselling Vivo.

By reselling Vivo, your organization will earn a 20% commission for a product that will potentially save a persons life.  Vivo is a service that people get passionate about and can see the need to have it.  Instead of spending money on candy they don’t want, or gifts they’ll never use, they can purchase a life saving service.

Another great thing about Vivo is that sales can be done online and offline.  By having an online sales component your organization can now take advantage of email and social networking to raise money both in and outside of your geographical area.  This can lead to higher fundraising amounts.

We think some great organizations that can take advantage of Vivo’s fundraising partnership are schools, universities, churches, alumni chapters, fraternities and sororities, and non-profits.

Stop selling candy and other stuff that people don’t want and contact Vivo today to see how you can partner with Vivo to fundraise money for your organization!