Did you know you can upgrade your emergency contact forms for your organization?

Since we can remember the emergency contact form has been a piece of paper that people fill out with their emergency contact information incase they have an emergency. That form is then placed in a folder in some filing cabinet waiting to be pulled out if it’s needed.

The problem that organizations are finding with this method is that:

1) The emergency contact form is only accessible by a limited set of people
2) The form is not easily accessible if an actual emergency occurs
3) The information is static and doesn’t get updated when contact information changes

At Vivo Alert we don’t expect to replace the emergency contact form anytime soon, but we do offer a very simple way to upgrade it!

Vivo Alert enhances the emergency contact form by making it easy for people in your organization to update their information as it changes, making it easy to notify management and/or emergency contacts if an emergency occurs, regardless of who in your organization is at the scene of the emergency. Vivo Alert even allows a link to be placed in the person’s bio that can link off to a digital copy of the form or any other information that should be shared in an emergency.

Contact us today to learn how your organization can upgrade your members’ emergency contact cards.