Vivo Alert – For Those Who Travel

Peace of Mind with Vivo Alert! How it works:

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Find and Send

If a person is in an emergency or needs help the first responder can find the Vivo Alert ID card or sticker and text the ID to the provided phone number. As you can see below, it’s very simple and takes just seconds!


Message Received

Almost immediately the first responder will receive a text message with important information regarding the person in need, including emergency contact, medical and other important information.


Alert Sent

As soon as Vivo receives the text request from the first responder we will send a text message to each emergency contact notifying them of the situation and providing the first resonder’s cell number.


Give it a try!

Text the 325450 to (650)518-7090 to see what an emergency responder will experience.


Aging Parents

As our parents age there are times they’ll need assistance while still taking advantage of their freedoms. Alzheimer’s can add additional worries.


Children are vulnerable and need help communicating in a time of need. Especially if they have allergies, autism, and other special needs.

Teens & College Kids

Older kids love to talk to their friends but not to their parents, so it’s hard to know where they are at all times. Even more so when they start driving and leaving the house!

People With Allergies

When a person, especially a child, has an allergic reaction they may not be able to communicate how to best help them, such as where their Epipen is located.

Bicyclists & Runners

Bicyclists & runners are often several miles from their house and train in remote areas. Too often an accident can happen and it can take hours before emergency contacts are reached.

Frequent Travelers

Frequent travelers are often headed to places where very few people know them, which means people won’t know who to contact if the traveler becomes, sick, hurt or in another type of emergency.

There Are Plenty More Reasons For Vivo Alert!

  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia

  • Medications

  • Diabetes

  • College Students

  • Do Not Resuscitate

  • Employees

  • Students & Teachers

  • Motorcyclists

  • Families

  • Autism

  • Special Needs

  • Medical Conditions

  • Children

  • Active Seniors

  • Airline Pilots

  • Care Home Patients

  • Hikers

  • Loved Ones

  • Dangerous Job

  • Accident Prone

  • No Family Nearby

  • Teens

  • Exchange Students

  • Flight Attendants

  • Daycare Kids

  • Sports Teams

  • And more…

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