Like any emergency, when an emergency occurs at the workplace it’s important that the correct people are notified and information about the employee that needs care is provided as quickly as possible. Today it can take an eternity to get the information that is needed to both the people providing help and those that need to manage the situation.  We’ve heard of companies taking 3 to 4 hours to notify emergency contacts after an employee has left by ambulance.

The long time it takes to get the information to management and HR and to act upon it is often due to the information being locked in a filing cabinet or stored digitally with a limited number of people having the means to access the information quickly.

Here’s how the current process works:

  1. Employee has an emergency
  2. Another employee notices the emergency
  3. 911 is called if serious enough
  4. People scramble to contact either a manager or the safety team, if there’s one in place.
  5. Management acts according to procedure
  6. HR is notified
  7. HR goes searching for emergency contact information and medical information
  8. Medical information is relayed back to the scene if necessary
  9. Emergency contacts are notified, if the information is still current, sometimes hours after the incident
  10. HR or management files an incident report

As you can see, there are many steps involved to get to the point there medical information and emergency contact information are provided.  Many organizations also run into the problem of having stale information about the employee, especially if they have worked at the company for many years.

With Vivo Alert we’ve simplified the process and cut down the time it takes to get critical emergency information to the correct people.  Here’s how:

  1. Employee has an emergency
  2. A 2nd employee notices the emergency
  3. 911 is called if serious enough
  4. The 2nd employee sends a text message with the Vivo Alert information on the employee’s badge
  5. Management and HR are simultaneously notified via text message and email.
  6. Recent and volunteered medical information and emergency contact information is immediately sent to management and HR
  7. HR contacts the emergency contacts within minutes of the incident

If you’re company is still relying on the old, out-dated way of handling workplace emergencies, then it’s time to contact Vivo Alert to learn how cost effective our solution.  You can email us at