People often compare Vivo Alert to the medical bracelet.  While there are similarities between the two, there are also many differences.  For example, the medical bracelet as we know it often displays the specific medical condition the person has in a very public manner.  Because of this, many people don’t wear the medical bracelet because they feel too embarrassed about people knowing that they have that medical condition.

Vivo Alert does not carry the stigma that the medical bracelet does because it does not display any specific medical condition.  Instead, any information that is provided by the member of Vivo Alert is delivered via a text message at the time the information is needed.

Another difference between Vivo Alert and the medical bracelet is that the medical bracelet contains only a small amount of information about the wearer of the bracelet, whereas Vivo Alert will deliver up to 160 characters (a full text message) worth of information.  This means that you can constantly update the information that will be sent via Vivo Alert, whereas a person will need a new medical bracelet if the information changes. Vivo Alert also automatically notifies emergency contacts when Vivo Alert is activated; a medical bracelet does not do this.

There are some medical bracelet services that have a number on them that an emergency responder can call, but the main issue is that it can take a long time to transfer information via voice, especially if there are loud noises present and the person doesn’t have a pen or pencil to write the information down.

Essentially Vivo Alert has taken all the advantages of a medical bracelet and made them better.