Construction sites can be dangerous places.  There are heavy machines, large moving objects, loud noises, and open fire and chemicals.  That’s why there are barricades and fences that are placed around many construction sites.  It’s also the reason that anyone entering a construction site has to wear a hard hat.  Despite having all the safety rules that are in place at a construction site, people still get hurt.

One of the issues that construction websites face when a person gets hurt is that their medical information is not readily available to assist the paramedic or first responder that is caring for the hurt worker. This can be solved using Vivo Alert!

By providing Vivo Alert to your construction workforce the person responding to the hurt worker can get access to critical medical information within seconds without having to wait for the foreman to call the HR person who need to pull the worker’s file.  On top of providing critical medical information about the hurt construction worker Vivo can be setup to notify both the worker’s emergency contacts AND the construction company’s administration.

Using Vivo Alert to notify company administration when an accident occurs the construction company can get more reliable statistics on the accidents that are occurring at the construction site.  This way the company can learn what corrective actions need to take place to reduce accidents and injuries at construction sites.

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