Pokémon Go has become ultra popular very quickly. With the quick rise of this game, where a user walks around in real life to catch various characters there are a variety of safety issues that have come about.  People have been falling and running into things as well as there have been instances of people being robbed while playing.

How do you stay safe and keep your family members safe while they play Pokémon?  Here are some tips:

Be Aware

Since much of the game takes place while looking at your phone, make sure to continue to look up while playing to make sure you’re not running into any obstacles and that might cause you harm.  Also, make sure you are aware of the people that are around you.

Keep Out of the Street

It’s amazing that I have to write this, but I’ve seen so many people stop in the middle of streets and busy parking lots trying to catch Pokémon characters.

Know Your Location

Don’t use Pokémon as an excuse to visit places that you’re not too familiar with, especially dark areas, alleys, and buildings.  If your kids are playing, make sure you know where they are going.

Obey The Law

There’s no reason to break the law over a game. Don’t trespass on people’s property, don’t drive illegally, and don’t vandalize anything in the name of catching a Pokémon.

Enjoy playing Pokémon and remember that as you go on your adventures it’s always wise to have Vivo Alert with you.