Once you have signed up for Vivo Alert, it’s now time to add a member. You can add multiple members, including you and others you care for.

To add a member:

1) Sign into your Vivo Alert account.

2) Scroll down to see Member Sign Up. You should see the first tab asking for the First and Last name of the member.

Add Coverage


3) Add the First Name and Last Name of the member can click Next Step to add Emergency Contacts.

Add Emergency Contacts

4) Enter the First Name, Last Name and Cell Phone Number of the emergency contact. Then click the Add New Emergency Contact button. We recommend that you add 3 or more emergency contacts for each member.

5) Once you have added 3 or more emergency contacts click on Next Step to add First Response Message.

First Response Message

6) Enter up to 150 characters of information that you would want a first responder to know if they were helping the member in an emergency.  Click Next Step when finished to review that member’s information.

7) Verify the member information and then add shipping information so that we can send them their welcome packet.  Once the shipping address information is entered click Next Step to check out.

8) At the Check Out tab enter a coupon code if you have one and click Redeem Coupon. Once you have applied a coupon code or if you don’t have one click on the Place Order button.  This will take you to Paypal where you will complete the order for that member if there’s still a balance after applying the coupon code.