It’s tough to see our parents and grandparents grow older, especially if they become unable to take care of themselves due to illness or disease.  Life can get even more troublesome when your elderly loved one starts to wander out of the house and get lost.  Vivo Alert can help by providing an easier way for your elderly loved ones to be identified and you to be notified when they are found. By placing a Vivo ID and phone number on something your elderly loved one will always take with them, such as a key chain, cane, hat, etc, and that way if they are lost a good Samaritan or public servant can text up the ID to the phone number to find out who your elderly loved one is and if they have any special needs.  Simultaneously we will contact you and other emergency contacts listed with the phone number of the good Samaritan or public servant. Vivo Alert also works well if your loved one is living in a care home facility.  While care facilities are great at the day to day care, if there’s a situation that requires emergency personnel to show up, it can take the care facility too much time to get the information that an EMT or firefighter needs to save your loved one’s life (or realize there’s a Do Not Resuscitate in order).  With Vivo, the first responder will receive important information within seconds and can act accordingly, and you will be notified that there is something going on with your loved one.