In recent weeks we’ve heard of many stories of people becoming injured or sick in workplace settings in such a way that they aren’t able to communicate which contacts to call. For example, one gentleman became in extreme pain during a meeting and wasn’t able to communicate what was going on or who someone should call.  His co-workers decided to call an ambulance and he was taken to the hospital.  It wasn’t until the ambulance had already left that the HR department was able to attempt to reach out to his emergency contacts.  While this wasn’t a life threatening emergency, he was passing a kidney stone, it still took over an hour before his emergency contacts were notified.

Companies can partner with Vivo Alert to provide Vivo Alert’s emergency contact notification service to their employees.  Then in a situation, such as above, an employee will be able to text up the Vivo Alert ID (this could be an employee ID), to the provided phone number and receive important information to care for the ill employee and simultaneously contact both management and the registered emergency contacts.

Not only will Vivo Alert help the employee by providing the information to care for him and notifying their emergency contacts, management and HR will get notified immediately when an employee needs attention and can respond appropriately.  Contact us today to learn how Vivo can improve your workplace safety –