Everyday caretakers of people with special needs are worried that the person they care for may find themselves in a situation where they aren’t able to communicate effectively or are in an incident where they need assistance.  These situations can range from social situations to accidents where an injury occurs.  While none of these situations are pleasant to think about, they are something that a caretaker should have a plan in place for.

One of the things to plan for in these situations is how to make it easy for emergency contacts to be notified and communicated with should one of these incidents occur.  This one step can often be the thing that prevents the situation from becoming worse.  For example, if a caretaker is able to be easily notified during a social situation they can provide information that could help calm the individual or eliminate the situation.  In the case of an accident, the caretaker can provide further information to best care for the person.

One of the reasons that we at Vivo Alert chose to provide wallet cards and stickers is that these items can be easily presented and found in the case of an emergency.  For example, in a social situation a person with special needs can be instructed to show their card or sticker to someone if they need help, making it easy for emergency contacts to be notified.

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