Workplace Safety

When we spend eight to ten hours at the job, the place is no less than our second home. It is as important to make your workplace safer for everybody as it is keep your home safe.

Workplace safety simply cannot be stressed enough. Constructing guidelines and norms around the work environment can not cover it all. The safety, of course, begins by eliminating risk factors and hazards. However, to be able to perform at ones maximum efficiency, one has to be mentality satisfied too that the safety of their well-being is the utmost priority of the employer. That’s why workplace safety cannot just be summed up into a few policies and safety checks around the work premises.

How it can be guaranteed is by effective communication, adherence to safety standards and by making sure that the employees can reach the help as soon as they need it. Building a safer surrounding is not always possible due to uncontrollable factors in our environment; however, being prepared for unexpected emergencies is the best practice that is possible.


Today we have compiled 8 useful tips for you and your employees, to help you understand the importance of ensuring workplace safety:

1. Regular short breaks is a must – Staying in at a job for too long gets you tired and burned out to stay alert. A few short breaks every once in a while helps you stay fresh at work which in turns keeps you aware of your surroundings. Moreover, if you are at a job where you spend most of your time sitting in front of the screens, regular short breaks can be helpful to avoid back problems.


2. Careful usage of machines and equipment – While using tools at work, be careful, take your time and do the job perfectly while being safe. Simply to finish the job on time people tend to take shortcuts which leads to some of the most horrible injuries at workplace. Especially at a job where working with heavy machinery is involved or dangerous tools, a bit more carefulness can help avoid several hazardous situations effectively.


3. Effective communication with your seniors – If there is a condition that makes you feel unsafe at workplace, you must not hesitate to inform your supervisor regarding that. It is legally one of the responsibilities of your employer(s) to make the workplace as safe as possible for you.

Workplace safety with Vivo Alert


4. Emergency exists should always be accessible – Regardless of whatever condition the business is in, if you’re working in the premises, the emergency exits must always be easily accessible. Moreover, an emergency shutdown of all equipment should be accommodated within the safety drill in case a situation as such arises and they need to be shut down immediately.


5. Workplace benefits and security assurance – After all the workers, the employees cannot be watched at every hour of the job. There may even be situation where they may be unconsciously in stress and simply fail to recognize a hazardous prone condition. For certain inevitable situations like these, employers must be always prepared. Employers should be able to guarantee help as soon as their employees need it if injured within the work premises. For situations like these it’s important to have a service like Vivo Alert that makes it simple for fellow employees and others to initiate the process to contact the correct people and emergency contacts when an emergency occurs.


6. No usage of alcohol or drugs – It cannot be stressed enough that usage of drugs during work hours is simply an invitation to various kinds of trouble. However, alcohol is not less of a guilty. A drink or two during your break is fine yet it is your life on the line so you must be aware that with such a state you cannot operate heavy or dangerous machinery. In case you have to, it is your responsibility towards your own life no less, to be sober and fully aware of dangers of carrying out such a job.


7. Avoid bringing stress at workplace – It is certainly easier said than being done but it is one of the major causes of why people fail to concentrate at work and not only perform lesser but make themselves open to severe workplace injuries. It is not easy to avoid such conflicts yet however much is possible, one should try to not stress at work for their own well-being. On the other hand, if workplace itself is stressing you out with long working hours, heavy work load or unfriendly co-workers, it is highly required for you to take those concerns to your superiors. It should be addressed immediately if you realize it is affecting your concentration at work, leaving your vulnerable to such dangers.


8. Always mind your surroundings – Learn the risks and hazards of your workplace and your job profile to be better prepared mentally and to be well equipped for potential hazardous circumstances. It starts with you being completely aware of such potential areas at the workplace and helps you stay clear of them without interrupting yourself when you’re at your best.


Making the workplace a safe environment for everybody is a collective effort, from the employers to the employees. Be careful of hazardous areas, be aware of the risks, always be willing to help someone in need, always be aware of how you can help people around you best and most of all, always make sure that you and people around you are in a safe working environment.

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